Introducing the band

Clare McCormack (concert ukulele)

ClareClare teaches music in the Community and in local North Shore schools. Ukulele, marimba, Orff Schulwerk and piano are her main focus. Clare has a large number of keen ukulele players in her UkuBays groups in the Bays, North Shore, Auckland. She is a member of the Marimba Festival and Ukulele Festival organizing committees. Clare organises the popular yearly Uke Play Off, which fundraises for the NZUT. Clare enjoys playing with North of Bombay and performing at a variety of venues and functions. Along with Caroline, she composes songs for C-Change and North of Bombay, has published some music resources and runs music workshops around NZ and Australia. See

Caroline Zeeman (tenor ukulele, guitar, flute)

Caroline ZeemanCaro was born in The Netherlands but moved to New Zealand when she was 22. She started playing recorder when she was 10 years, then moved to the flute and taught herself to play the guitar. Despite dreaming of being a rock star, Caro sold her electric guitar when she was 18 and  dedicated herself fully to her tourism and language studies. However, the dream did not die. When her children were small, Caro bought herself a new guitar so she could sing to them and play during the day. Before she knew it she was playing on a regular basis in the church and teaching music from home.  She now runs 4 different ukulele groups in the Howick/Pakuranga area, and has one community marimba group. Three days a week she teaches guitar, ukulele and recorder from her studio at home. With Clare McCormack she set up  “C-Change” and they have been writing music resources for schools and the community over the last 4 years.

Philippa Drake (tenor ukulele, glockenspiel)

Philippa DrakePhilippa loves to sing – and playing ukulele is the perfect thing to do with your hands at the same time! She comes from a family of four children and one ukulele. To ensure that she had control of the uke first thing in the morning, she hid it behind her bed – a tactic used by all the family. Philippa has sung in choirs since she was a 10-yr -old and she intends to sing beyond her last gasp . . . Currently she is a music teacher at a school on the North Shore, and she enjoys working alongside children making music.



Millie Locke (soprano ukulele, melodica)

Millie LockeHaving been a keen amateur musician for many years, Millie (along with many others)  discovered the joy of  ukulele playing in 2009.  Her first ukulele was a crimson fluke purchased under the guidance of her New York-based, musician son William, from Mandolin Brothers on Staten Island.  She has since gone electric with a masterfully put together soprano uke from Alistair’s Music  in Wellington.  She loves  the way her soprano ukulele adds to the blended ukulele sound and the rich vocal harmonies of the North of Bombay ensemble.  From time to time Millie also plays  melodica, describing it as the poor woman’s accordion. She loves the creative possibilities that arise in ensemble music-making and is enjoying the roller coaster ride making music with North of Bombay, A passionate advocate of the role of the arts in education Millie is a primarily Auckland-based music teacher working in school and out-of school settings.

Tony Ramsay (bass ukulele)

Tony RamsayTony Ramsay first learnt classical piano as a young teenager but soon rebelled and took to listening to rock music, particularly the music of Pink Floyd.  He taught himself guitar and began to emulate his heroes by trying to compose his own tunes. When he joined his first rock band in the early eighties he became their bass player and discovered what tremendous fun there is in playing the bottom end. The seeds of his musical obsession were sown and he decided to emigrate to Australia and played professionally there before returning to teach primary school. He has spent the last 12 years as a music specialist delivering the music curriculum in a number of schools throughout the Auckland region. He plays bass ukulele in North of Bombay, keyboards in ROUNDhouse a covers band, guitar, recorder, ukulele, sings and occasionally gets on a drum kit and bashes out simple beats.  Music is his life and he spends a tremendous amount of time playing, composing and thinking about music.

Dan McCormack (tenor ukulele)

Dan McCormackDan was raised in Otautahi on the Mainland and is married to Clare. He didn’t play any musical instrument as a child and only sang in a choir at intermediate school. More recently, listening to music has become part of his everyday life. It wasn’t until Dan was in his late forties that he learnt to play the guitar along with his son. On the formation of North of Bombay, Dan changed to playing the ukulele and found this activity contagious in conjugal situations. Being part of the group has extended and nourished his musical and singing skills. When not practising ukulele and enjoying the outdoors, he is a practising architect with alternative music playing in the background in his home office.


Terry Locke (baritone ukulele, banjo ukulele)

Terry LockeTerry first picked up an ukulele when he was ten years old, after his sister brought one home after a trip around various pacific islands. It was blue with a white palm tree frosted on it. He terrorised the household by playing versions of Cliff Richard hits. This was a time when guitar was something you graduated to from ukulele and, of course, that was what he did. For years, he thumped Brinda guitar to entertain himself and torment others. However, more recently, thanks to North of Bombay, he has learned the error of his ways and gone back to ukulele. When not playing music, he plays Professor of English language education at the University of Waikato.

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